Organizing All of the Friends & Family

One thing that Stacey was stressing about early on was having to deal with the many different friends and family that got invited to the wedding. Both Stacey and Mark had a huge family, so there was an extensive list of people that needed to be organized for the big day.

Together with the professional wedding planner, we sat down and went through the different aspects of the wedding that needed to be organized in relation to the friends and family that were invited.

Invitations – we decided to get the wedding invitations sent out immediately, as Stacey and Mark knew very early on exactly who was going to be attending their wedding. The wedding invitations were organized and designed by Life is Peachy, who did a fantastic job of working with Stacey to get exactly what she wanted. For all of the people that weren’t invited to the wedding, but were invited to the after party, they were sent Facebook event invitations to keep things nice and simple.

Presents – because Stacey and Mark were already living together and had everything they needed for a house, they specifically asked on the invitations (stating IF anyone wanted to get them gifts) that they gave a monetary gift to fund their honeymoon. This avoided getting loads of house and kitchen ware stuff that they already had, and meant no awkward returns!

Accommodation – as a lot of the guests were coming out of town, it was highly important that the venue chosen was centrally located, easily accessible by public transport and was close to local accommodation. It also needed to be easily accessible by wheelchair, as a few guests had wheelchairs. The Treacy Centre in Melbourne catered to all of these needs, and ended up being one of the best choices made in the entire wedding organization!