How It All Turned Out on the Big Day

Wow – what a challenge is was for the six months leading up to Stacey and Mark’s special day! I truly didn’t realize how much organizing a wedding needed until I helped with the process of Stacey’s big day. Although Stacey had her professional wedding planner right from the beginning, she wanted to be very involved in the process of how everything turned out.

So – how did it all turn out on the big day? I can really only describe it with one word… INCREDIBLE! I’m so glad that I was part of the process in how Stacey and Mark’s special day turned out. The entire day was beautiful, and – from what I took from it – everything that Stacey wanted her dream wedding to be. Some of the highlights of the day included:

Flowers – far from settling for some pretty carnations, Stacey wanted absolutely gorgeous flowers to fill out the day – both at the venue and for the flower bouquets. We ended up hiring Kate Hill Flowers after seeing many positive reviews online and talking to the owner and operator. The ivory and lavender flower scheme truly made the entire atmosphere beautiful.

The Dresses – a stunning wedding gown was something that Stacey had dreamed about since she was a young girl. We literally searched for hours to find the perfect store to buy the wedding and bridesmaids dresses from, and finally came across Karen Willis Holmes. Her extensive range of bridal dresses truly was magnificent. There was so many dresses to choose from, and instead of struggling to find the perfect one, we ended up with several that we had to narrow down!

The Entertainment – as well as hiring a professional wedding DJ, Stacey and Mark wanted to do something a little different in terms of entertaining their guests. Because there was a lot of family – including many young children – they decided to hire a balloon maker! It definitely added some extra fun to the special day.