Finding the Best Wedding Planner

Although I knew it would take a bit of a chunk out of Stacey’s wedding budget, I knew the importance of having a professional wedding planner involved with the process of organizing a wedding. I’ve seen only too many weddings where the bride falls apart from the stress of putting together her own wedding!

Shortly after Stacey got engaged – and after we had sat down for an initial chat about what needed to go on her wedding checklist – I spoke to her about the idea of hiring a professional wedding planner. It didn’t take much to convince her – she knew that with her track record of being a bit of a worry wart, that it would be silly to try an organise the entire thing herself.

When we started to look at wedding planners in Melbourne, we focused on the following things:

Experience¬†– it was important to us that we didn’t just hire any wedding planner out of the local phone book. We wanted someone who had plenty of experience organizing and planning many weddings throughout the country. We were ideally looking for someone with at least 10 years experience in the industry.

Friendly personality – not only did we want someone that was highly experienced in the wedding planning industry, we wanted someone that we genuinely got along with. In any industry, there’s nothing worse than dealing with someone who isn’t friendly, doesn’t respect you or listen to your ideas and ultimately end up doing what they want to do. An initial consultation with a few different wedding planners allowed us to get an idea of who we really wanted to deal with.

Affordable – while there was a budget for us to use for the wedding planner, we only had so much! We thought it might be a struggle to find someone with plenty of experience AND that was affordable, but turns out it was much easier than we we had anticipated!

We actually ended up hiring a wedding planner from the Treacy Centre. They offered the entire package, including venue hire, catering AND accommodation!