My Best Friend’s Wedding

Welcome to my blog site! I created the ‘Just Being Myself’ blog website recently after being asked by many of my friends and family about how things are going with my life – as I don’t own a Facebook page, some of them have trouble keeping up to date with everything!

For those of you who want to create your own blog website, it’s actually quite easy. I set the entire thing up for free through WordPress – take a look at this great tutorial on making your own WordPress blog website here.

While I plan to expand and grow this blog website over time, I thought I would start things off by talking about my best friend’s wedding. Surprisingly, I didn’t find many other blog websites where bridesmaids discussed their experience being on the bridal party, so I thought it would be helpful to others out there who want to get an idea of what it’s like before they jump in.

From the get go, I knew it would be a challenge

I love my best friend Stacey – she’s a great person, very kind in nature and I just knew that she was going to make a spectacular wife (helped by one of my initial presents to her, the¬†interactive website ‘How to be a Good Wife’). However, Stacey is well known among close friends and family to be a bit of a worry wart – so we knew that the planning up to the special day would be a bit of a challenge for everyone involved.

As soon as Mark popped the question to her, her mind turned straight into bridal mode. Questions among questions started flowing through her head – where do I get the wedding invitations made? Where should I book the wedding venue in Melbourne? Where should I buy my dress from? Who should I go to for my bridal hair and makeup?

Because there were so many things that needed to be organised, and I didn’t want my best friend to be completely stressed out for the next six months, I decided to help her find a decent wedding planner in Melbourne. You can read all about this on the Wedding Planner page.

I knew my duty as a bridesmaid…

Having watched many movies and been to many weddings over the years, I knew what my main responsibility was to the wedding: keeping the bride calm and happy! I knew that by keeping Stacey’s stress levels down that it meant a higher chance of the perfect wedding day for both her and her partner.

Right from the beginning – even before we hired the wedding planner – I sat down with her with a wedding checklist and spoke to her about all the things she wanted and needed on her special day.

This was definitely a great start to the process as we could (and would) always refer back to the checklist throughout the entire wedding process.

Aside from that, I made sure I kept an eye out for when her stress levels started to increase again over the next six months. When this happened, I took her to a local nail salon for a bit of relaxation and pampering time – I can safely say this worked wonders!